Pilates instructor


I started practicing classical Pilates to counteract the effects of a desk job and I was amazed by how quickly and effectively it reduced my back pain, enhanced my posture and flexibility and it became a passion.  I was trained in Stockholm by Pilates Via and certified by the Pilates Standard. My teaching is rooted in classical Pilates, which I combine with elements from Body Control and Stott. In my free time, I am most likely to be traveling or found in one of the specialty food stores around Budapest, hunting for ingredients to recreate the many flavours from my travels.

Why I

To me Pilates is more than just a method of movement, it’s meditation in motion. It gives me a full body workout that improves my strength and mobility, but it also trains my mind to concentrate and focus, allowing me to go through my days with a straight back and mental clarity.

Why I

I love teaching and working with people from different walks of life. I have experienced the positive effects of a regular Pilates practice first hand, and I want to help others to discover how Pilates can strengthen their body wherever they are in their fitness journey.