Pilates and barre instructor


I have been teaching movement for seven years as both a personal trainer, fitness instructor and pilates teacher, I am also pre- and post-natal qualified. To me movement is essential and kind of unstoppable, I can’t really not move. I am really good at dancing and eating at the same time, as early video footage proves from when I was about 2-3 years old, I was dancing to Madonna while eating a bun…no issues. When I had to walk however I would stumble all the time. My mother was of course stunned by the phenomenon.

Why I

For balance, grounding and control. Other forms of exercise I do, like weight training and running are very demanding on the body. I like balancing my routine with pilates, and giving the body much needed nourishment in the form of smart movement.

Why I

My goal was always to teach people to move their bodies in an efficient way and in a language they understand. With a competitive dancing background I like getting people out of their comfort zones and proving they can do something they think they cannot. I also look at movement in a holistic way, as something as essential to our overall all wellbeing as water and air.