Pilates instructor


I was first introduced to Pilates in 2013 as part of my formal circus training as an aerialist at the National Centre For Circus Arts in London and since, Pilates has been part of my training routine and daily practice. I love Pilates for the combination of biomechanics, sequential choreography, elements of dance and ballet resulting in a strong and gracious physical composition. When not in the studio either teaching Pilates or practising aerials or working on creative projects, I’m out and about in the city with a camera, discovering and listening to a wide range of music, visiting museums and art exhibitions, energising myself in nature and the stillness of greenery, browsing boutiques for vintage finds to fill my home or inspiring myself with watching new works in circus, dance and theatre.

Why I

Now, with a Pilates Union Matwork Instructor Certification in Mat Pilates, I am currently teaching Mat classes at Intuitive Pilates Studio. I like to draw on the classic Pilates repertoire as well as creatively combining my knowledge and history as an aerialist and circus artist within my teaching and classes. I love the long-term physical benefits Pilates has had on my body as a result of a continued durational practice so feel very passionate to pass that on to others. As a mover my body can be overworked at times and I’ve witnessed how Pilates has been a therapy for relieving back pain, injury prevention and has improved my overall physical wellbeing enhancing my training in other fields.

Why I

My priority is to focus on core strength, balance, spine and pelvis consciousness, stability, flexibility and floor conditioning techniques to improve everyday movement, body awareness, a strong physique and posture as well as a unique practice for dancers in all disciplines. It gives me so much joy teaching those who have entrusted me to guide them through a class, especially to those who don’t get the opportunity to move so much in their day to day. I like to keep my classes at a steady pace so that those who take part challenge themselves physically but safely and take a precious moment to draw their attention into the body with deep concentration and intention.