Pilates instructor


I am a professional violinist and Pilates instructor. As a violinist, it was a life-changing choice for me to add Pilates into my daily and professional life during my studies in Austria. The method helped me develop better posture and a more ideal technique for my violin playing. A couple of years later, I chose the topic “Pilates for musicians” for my Master’s thesis in the Netherlands.

Why I

As a professional violinist with regular rehearsals and concerts, I could not imagine my life without taking care of my physical wellbeing and keeping myself in a good condition for musical activities, avoiding potential injuries. After spending 10 years abroad, I started teaching Mat classes at Intuitive studio. Personally, I find it amazing that we can take our body, soul and spirit, and create creative and joyful movements, anywhere, anytime.

Why I

My motivation to support and guide musicians in a professional way led me to complete the STOTT Pilates education program. My favourite exercises are the ones with the mini ball, which can be a great support and a challenge in the same time. In my classes, I put the most emphasis on body awareness. I believe, if we master ideal control over all our movements, it will reflect on our daily activities.